Loomis Gateway Academy has decades of intensive teaching experience with students of all ages.

Loomis Gateway Academy is solely dedicated to the needs of the dyslexic student. We want to assure the parent who has given up hope that there is a solution to the problem they are facing.

There are three essential ingredients for a dyslexic student to succeed in school:


Having the right Programs is an essential ingredient for success. The Structured Literacy approach is the only scientifically and research-based approach proven to be effective in remediating dyslexia. Loomis Gateway Academy uses two such programs for teaching reading, the Wilson Reading System and the Barton Reading System. Our Math and Writing methods (Making Math Real and Institute for Excellence in Writing) also utilize a similar approach, meaning that they are: Structured, Systematic, Cumulative, Sequential, Multisensory, Direct, Explicit, and most importantly, Diagnostic and Prescriptive.


Teachers who have the skill, the compassion, and the patience to instruct the dyslexic student are few and far between. Even the fully “trained” and “certified” teacher needs to develop a rapport with each of her students in order to achieve success. At LGA we believe there is an art to teaching, and that learning takes place in the connection between teacher and student, from soul to soul. This relationship is fostered through the experience and skill of each teacher. It is the pedagogical philosophy valued and practiced at LGA.

Safe Environment

The environment in which these children are learning is a critical and essential ingredient. They need a Safe Environment that allows them to experience “school” as a positive place. The success of each dyslexic student is dependent upon this environment. All too often dyslexic students have been misunderstood as being unintelligent, lazy, or just having a ‘bad attitude.’ They have often been made to feel their learning challenges were their fault. LGA provides an environment of ‘normalcy’ for students. The students here soon discover they are plenty able to learn all subjects, including reading, just like any other kid.

When these three essential ingredients are provided, a child can transform before your eyes.  The layer they protected themselves with out of necessity in an environment that did not understand their learning needs, can come off in this safe environment.  The child has the opportunity to regain their rightful place in school as a successful learner alongside other students experiencing the exact same thing.

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